Jun. 24th, 2011

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Title: Srs Bizness
Fandom: Tron (Legacy) ...someday I will write something else here...
Rating: T - mild sexings, CRACK
Disclaimer: I own my laptop, a sleep deficit, and a photogenic cat. It's like owning the Tron franchise, except there's nothing in common.
Summary: Post Legacy, Sam/Tron oneshot... and the prompt was "lolcats on the Grid". I think that covers it.
Wordcount: 1592
Author's Note: Pretty much a straight repost from my fill here. My first try writing crack.

I can't decide whether to count this in my main Hold-On-'verse or call it a wacky branch-off... )
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Got a paid account. And given limited userpics is a large part of what prompted this, I went ahead and bought extra userpic space.

...so I'm going to spend all day making/editing new pics. If anyone has specific requests or ideas (Tron-related or otherwise), I'd likely be interested or at least willing to try.
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