smiley_anon: (Default) life happened. And internet. And long story short, I get distracted by stuff and then realize I haven't really checked stuff in nearly long enough and have fics I need to write and poke my account to find OMFG, 50+ things in my inbox.

...probably at least half of which I should be responding to. Say, a week ago.

INFINITE APOLOGIES to anyone I've failed to get back to (or whatever) over the last couple weeks. I'll be going through my stuff (probably tomorrow) and trying to read/review/respond/write/allthatstuff. In all probability, the majority of people I've failed to get back to will never read this but I completely lack the coherency to try and get through all (or any significant portion) of this stuff before going to sleep.


...I also give ~45% odds that I will see this post tomorrow and wonder what substance I was abusing. The answer is none. For the record, future-me. For the record.
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Right. My daily writing widget was somewhat delayed due to computer issues, but I'm back. And. Uh.

This is... technically ficwork. For a longer fic. This will be most or maybe all of a chapter for Extraordinary Voyages, a fic I'm... not very far into. It'll get worked on (clearly), though I'm probably updating Letting Go first.

That said, this is very far into the story. So. Uh. If you plan to read all my fic and have a deep and abiding hatred of anything remotely spoilerish, probably don't read this. It can stand alone, but... *shrug* Dunno.

And oh gods is this a rough draft. Very, very rough.

Have 1760 words of 'totally a practice drabble, really!' )
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Got a paid account. And given limited userpics is a large part of what prompted this, I went ahead and bought extra userpic space. I'm going to spend all day making/editing new pics. If anyone has specific requests or ideas (Tron-related or otherwise), I'd likely be interested or at least willing to try.
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...and shit.

Pretty much just posting this to organize my own thoughts. Also (apparently) to practice LJ-ing stuff-not-text. Which I suck at.

Don't follow the cut unless you've read Hold On completely... )
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O.o Um.

So I've got a hundred pages I need to read. And a paper I need to write. And a long-ass set I really should work on. All within the next... 10 hours?

And if I don't want to do this, I should sleep. I've not rested more than 6 hours in a day in over a week, and the last few days would be utterly sleepless if not for a couple hour-long naps.

And if I'm fracking insane and want to write, I've got a fill I'm in the middle of. With plans.

...Apparently a portion of my brain does not care.

(WARNING: don't follow the lj-cut unless you've read Hold On in its entirety. As in, more than I've got posted on my journal. Which yes, means that cleaning up the rest of it is another thing that should be much higher on my to do list than this)

Seriously... what the frack, brain??? )
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