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I've been writing, but my work on my ongoings has been slower than I'd like, and I haven't posted in too long. So, stuff.

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>.< So despite it being summer, and me theoretically having more time, I've been kinda failing at this writing thing.

Therefore, new self-assignment. Any day where I don't write something, make some kind of progress either on a fanfic or some of my other writing stuff, I have to write something else. Any kind of drabble-whatsit-thingy. Or longer. Which I will post here, though not necessarily anywhere else.

Doesn't have to be good, just has to be writing. :P So, uh... be warned for highly probable fail. I really suck at this discipline thing; my hope is by assigning "ANYTHING" as the goal, I'll end up writing decent fiction if only to avoid publishing something too personal or badly written to be comfortable with.

Not necessarily posting something every day, since some of my writing projects are offline work. But decent odds for most days. We shall see how well this works...

This is actually yesterday's widget; I passed out before I managed. So I should write something else today.

932 words. Yeah; I can drabble. >.< )
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...and shit.

Pretty much just posting this to organize my own thoughts. Also (apparently) to practice LJ-ing stuff-not-text. Which I suck at.

Don't follow the cut unless you've read Hold On completely... )
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O.o Um.

So I've got a hundred pages I need to read. And a paper I need to write. And a long-ass set I really should work on. All within the next... 10 hours?

And if I don't want to do this, I should sleep. I've not rested more than 6 hours in a day in over a week, and the last few days would be utterly sleepless if not for a couple hour-long naps.

And if I'm fracking insane and want to write, I've got a fill I'm in the middle of. With plans.

...Apparently a portion of my brain does not care.

(WARNING: don't follow the lj-cut unless you've read Hold On in its entirety. As in, more than I've got posted on my journal. Which yes, means that cleaning up the rest of it is another thing that should be much higher on my to do list than this)

Seriously... what the frack, brain??? )
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