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Titles: Champion, Invisible, Backup, Match
Fandom: Tron
Warnings: Violence, death, usual Tronverse trauma
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Wordcounts: 152, 130, 95, 162
Author's note: Prompts listed with the drabbles. Also sentence counts, since that was theoretically the point of the meme.
actual drabbles )
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Haven't posted here or on the meme in a bit. I am writing--just got sidetracked with a fic-trade fill widget. -_- Was supposed to be short, but... I've passed 2K words and am maybe half-done. More likely a third.

That said, wanted to post something. So, drabbles. Figured I'd do one for each of the characters in decreasing order of people-I-like/want-to-write, stopping when I got bored. Might add to them later.

*writes drabbles*

...aaaand, I think... I like these. O.o Huh. Probably posting them elsewhere. Though I'd have to format them and title them...

Yeah, not so hard.

Title(s): Keystone, Waiting Game, Turnaround, Look Forward
Fandom: Tron (Legacy and original)
Rating: T - violence
Disclaimer: I own my (dying :P) laptop and an erratic sleep schedule. It's like owning the Tron fandom, except there's nothing in common.
Summary: ...They're drabbles? See above if you want my rant.
Wordcount: 100 words! Four times!
Author's note: Tron-Quorra-Sam-Yori. Though turns out they all at least mention Tronzler. Oops. Nope, no favorite characters here.

Keystone (Tron) )

Waiting Game (Quorra) )

Turnaround (Sam) )

Look Forward (Yori) )

(edit) As per comment notes, this seems to have expanded; more drabbles exist and will be added here.
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Since I've been having problems writing quickly of late, I decided to try this shuffle meme—discovered through Allronix's excellent example. Basic premise: put on playlist on shuffle, write fics to the first 10 songs that come up during the duration of each song's play time.

...Only my entire playlist consists of soundtracks. So instead of trying to write all Tronfic or whatever, I mostly matched the movie/game that came up. One exception, 'cause I got really sick of trying to write LoTR fanfic (my shuffle seems severely biased).

Obviously low-quality; they were written in 2-5 minute intervals, with no time to fact-check or refresh myself about the fandoms I was trying to write.

but yeah, have fic )
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This reads like another lightjet widget, but it's not. My original goal was to look at why Rinzler held off in the recognizer. 'Cause really, his directive was to go find them--which presumably involved derezz or capture. And he found them. And then... sat there stalking them until they joined up with the Rectifier. Rather than hitting them in a small enclosed space they couldn't run and hide in. Not the best tactical choice.

...that said, I got a little bit in and discovered that a) I'm tired as frack, and b) I hit exactly a hundred words. No clue how it happened, but I am taking it as a sign from the gods. Or just an excuse to sleep. Something or other.

Might continue this later... )

...writing unedited stuff like this is making me squirm. Gah. So much unhappy. Will go back to real fics soon.


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